Welsh Fairies

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Welsh faries

Welsh fairy belief was still clearly strong in the eighteenth century when Edmund Jones wrote his various ‘spiritual’ description of the principality. But thereafter a heady mixture of industralisation and perhaps more importantly non-conformism doomed the fairies. By the early twentieth century when Evans-Wentz visited Wales the fairies had all but vanished.

Welsh Fairy Places

Fairy Falls (Llandrindod Wells)

Fairy Falls (Trefriw)

Fairy Glen (Betws-y-Coed)

Fairy Glen (Capelulo)

Fairy Islands Off St Davids (Pembrokeshire)

Tan yr Ogo Caves

Welsh Fairy Beliefs

Early Reference to Welsh Silver Mines Fairies

Fairy Dogs and Corpse Candles

Fairies and Female Oaks in Wales (Monmouthshire)

Fairies and Methodists (Cardiganshire)

Fairies on Dry Land in Wales

Wales and Knockers

Where Fairies Live in Wales

Welsh Fairy Tales

A Boy Taken to Fairy Land

Don’t Steal Fairy Flowers! (Powys)

Fairies and Gossamer (Gwynedd)

Fairies’ Joke: Long Nose (Gwynedd)

Fairies’ Inn (Gwynedd)

Fairy House and Human Door (Gwynedd)

From Grasses Bright (Poem)

Plant Rhys Ddwfn, A Fairy Tribe and Invisibility Herbs (Dyfed)

Tailor Meets a Demon/Fairy (Cardiganshire)

The Fairies and the Miller (Gwynedd)

Fairy Sightings

A Man Refusing the Solicitation of the Fairies

Child Sees Fairies in Sheepfold (Monmouthshire)

Fairies and Shillings (Monmouthshire)

Fairies Anticipating Death? (Carmarthenshire)

Fairies Downstairs (Monmouthshire)

Fairy Dog and Death

Fairy Dog Encounter (Pembrokeshire)

Fairy Farm Workers (Wales)

Fairy Glamour and Coal (Monmouthshire)

Fairy Leaping (Monmouthshire)

Frightening Voices in Monmouthshire

Goblin Shapes on High Legs (Wales)

Goodbye to the Aberystruth Fairies (Monmouthshire)

Joshua Coslet Meets the Corpse Candle (Carmarthenshire)

Light on Monmouthshire Mountain (Monmouthshire)

The Clergyman’s Son and the Corpse Candle (Carmarthenshire)

The Stone Thrower (Caernavonshire)

Thomas Philips and the Hell Dogs (Carmarthenshire)

White Light at Llanddetty (Breconshire)

William John and the Corpse Candle

Welsh Fairy Books:

Evans, Hugh Y Tylwyth Teg (Liverpool 1944)

Evans-Wentz, W.Y. The Fairy Faith in Fairy Countries (London: Colin Smythe 1978) [first published 1911]

Jones, Edmund The Appearance of Evil: Apparitions of Spirits in Wales (Cardiff: University of Wales Press 2003), (ed) John Harvey

Parry-Jones, D. Welsh Legends and Fairy Lore (London: Batford 1953)

Rhŷs, John Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx (Oxford: Clarendon 1901)

Sikes, Wirt British goblins: Welsh folk-lore, fairy mythology, legends and traditions (London: Sampson & Low 1880)

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