Scottish Lowland Fairies

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scottish lowlands

The Scottish Lowlands and the border country are fertile, agriculturally rich area which allowed medieval Scotland to survive: in fact, Scotland’s great medieval miracle is that its kings, its lords and its peoples managed somehow to keep the English out of the territories dominated today by Edinburgh and Glasgow. The fairies here resemble in many ways the fairies further to the south in Northumberland, the Lakes and Yorkshire.

Scottish Lowland Fairy Places

Tamlane’s Well

Scottish Lowland Fairy Beliefs

Fairy Stones from Ellwyn (Borders)

Linum Catharticum and the Fairies (Berwickshire)

Some Berwickshire Fairy Memories (Berwickshire)

Scottish Lowland Fairy Sightings

A Kidnap Attempt? (Lanarkshire)

Hotel Fairies (Ayrshire)

Race at Yetholm (Borders)

Scottish Lowland Fairy Books

Evans-Wentz, W.Y. The Fairy Faith in Fairy Countries (London: Colin Smythe 1978) [first published 1911]

Henderson, Lizanne and Edward J. Cowan Scottish Fairy Belief (East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 2001)


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