Hotel Fairies (Ayrshire)

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john o london's with fairies


During the late summer of 1934, I stayed at the Hills Hotel in Largs, Ayrshire. One very hot afternoon, about four o’clock, I was walking in the grounds with a Kilmarnock lady, a resident, when she drew my attention to a large flowering shrub over twelve feet high. At a distance we could see small forms whirling around the blooms, and on closer inspection we saw that a host of fairy forms were at play. I was so astonished that I foolishly went to the large shrub, shook the lower branches, and stepped back to see if the forms were still there. They were, but soon disappeared among the blooms, and we did not see them again. We mentioned it to the manager, who said that another resident had seen fairies in the grounds. He had suspected that his informant was ‘soft in the head’, and had paid no attention to the story. I consider myself hard-headed, but I did see things that afternoon. It was the first time such an experience had befallen me, and until that moment I should have laughed at anyone who maintained that fairies are real beings.

Paisley                                                                                               John Kerr

Kerr, John ‘Revels Round a Bush’, John O’London’s Weekly (11 April 1936), p. 65:  for other John O’London fairy letters follow the link.

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