North-Western Fairies

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lancashire fairies

The North-West includes the historical county of Lancashire, little Westmoreland and the Lakes. These three counties and particularly Lancashire saw rapid industrialization in the nineteenth-century and extraordinary engineering works in terms of canals, railways and roads. However, fairy-lore and particularly boggart-lore perhaps surprisingly survived into the early twentieth century.

North-Western Fairy Places

Bannister Hall (Preston)

Brownside (Burnley)

Fairy Lane (Northenden/Sale)

Fairy Steps (Beetham)

Little Brooks (Goosnargh, Lancashire)

Mossock Hall (Bickerstaffe)

North-Western Fairy Tales

Billy Meets Jenny Greenteeth

Tat O’ Swinden: A Boggart Tale of Today

The Flit from Boggart Hole Clough

North-Western Fairy Sightings

A Golden Fairy in the Garden

A Methodist Boggart at Middleton (Lancashire)?

Beautiful Nature Spirit (Preston, Lancashire)

Boggarts in the Barn (Blackstone Edge, Lancashire)?

Dancing Cumbrian Fairies

Fairy Flocks Near Preston

Kendal Fairies

Liverpool Leprechaun Scare!

Lovely Female Fairies

Roses and Fairies (Lancashire)

Terrifying Encounter Near Carnforth (Lancashire)

North-Western Fairy Books

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