Roses and Fairies (Lancashire)

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john o london's with fairies


I have followed with keen interest your letters from various readers who have seen fairies. Of course there are fairies, only one is rather backward in telling of them. As a little girl of six or seven I would never tread upon daisies because it was in a daisy field I saw my first fairies. There were usually seven or eight together, dancing in circles about three feet from the ground. They had long pointed caps, thin bodies tapering off to very pointed feet. I remember their puckish grins and seem to remember them as being dressed in brown.

Then, just before I reached my teens, on many occasions I kept tryst with a lovely fairy in a bower of wild roses near to my home. Looking back now it seems I was always aware of this fairy in that leafy nook. She was usually a few feet from the ground, in shining pink rainment, with long golden tresses, and always in a pink aura. The fairy never stayed long in my presence, but it seemed quite natural to me that she should be there.

Wigan,                       I. Hill

Hill, I ‘A Tryst with a Fairy’, John O’London Weekly (23 May 1936), 281: for other John O’London fairy letters follow the link.







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