East Anglian Fairies

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east anglian fairies

East Anglia is the flattest territory in the United Kingdom and this seems to have influenced its supernatural fauna and folklore. Though fairy-lore, in the strictest sense, has not survived particularly well – with the partial exception of Lincolnshire – there are a number of unusual traditions about black dogs and other monsters of the Fenman’s fevered imagination.

East Anglian Fairy Places

Blow Hill (Great Melton)

Fairy Foreland (Somersby)

Mermaid S Pond (Rendlesham Suffolk)

Southwold Cliffs (Suffolk)

East Anglian Fairy Tales

A Fairy and a Butcher and a Woman in Stowmarket (Suffolk)

A Fairy and A Ploughman at Onehouse (Suffolk)

Brother Mike: A Suffolk Tale (Dialect)

Yallery Brown

East Anglian Fairy Sightings

Baby Kidnapping in Stowmarket (Suffolk)

Calf Riding in Suffolk

Careful of the Hikeys

Fairies in Stowmarket (Suffolk)

Fairy Armies in Huntingdonshire

Fairy Visitor in Stowmarket with Yellow Shoes

Hop Ground Fairies (Stowmarket, Suffolk)

Jinny Burntarse

White Fairies in Norfolk

East Anglian Fairy Beliefs

Fairies and Making Beds (Suffolk)

Fairy Butter in Suffolk

Fairy Loaves in Suffolk

Fairy Rings in Suffolk

Frairies, Pharisees and Pharisees’ Loaves

Mermaid in a Suffolk Well

Perries, Fairies and the Northern Lights in Suffolk

Pharisees Riding Horses (Suffolk)

Suffolk Freshwater Mermaids

Woodbridge Pharisee Belief (Suffolk)

East Anglian Fairy Books

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