Mermaid S Pond (Rendlesham Suffolk)

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The following extract relates to the early nineteenth century. The pond in question seems to be that in Cottage Wood.

When I was quite a child, in 1814, we used to play in a field at Rendlesham where there was a pond at one end with trees round it, the grass in early spring full of flowers. It was always called the S pond, being shaped like an S, so drawn. If we went too near our nursemaid would call out to us not to go so near ‘lest the mermaid should come and crome us in.’ Crome (crumm) as all East Anglians know, is the same as ‘crooked’; whence a ‘crome fork’ for unloading muck. senex. Suffolk Notes and Queries, Ipswich Journal (1877?). [Guderon 36]

cottage wood s pond mermaid

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