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fairy book shelvesThere are included here a series of books and articles that are longer in copyright in the United States and that may be of interest to those who want to know more about fairy-lore. Some are available elsewhere on the web, though not in the form presented here, some are now rare: in fact, I have been particularly keen to put up a text when it was difficult for me to find. Some are extracts of longer books presented in this form for convenience. For full reference please go to the bibliography.

John O London Fairy Letters [0.2 mb, in cooperation with strangehistory.com]

Ballantyne Pixies [0.5 mb]

Chesterton Ethics of Elfland [9 mb]

Collison North Devonshire [0.3 mb]

Couch Cornish Village [1.19 mb]

Croker, the three volumes of Fairy Legends and Researches in the South of Ireland in a single pdf volume! [32.5 mb] Note that there is a mix of editions here (a real problem with Croker who cut and change a lot) and that also several illustrations have been cut for ease of printing.

Dalyell, Superstitions [17.1 mb]

Doyle Coming of the Fairies [7.8 mb]

Ernst The Microscopic Giants [1.06 mb]

Hardwick on fairies and boggarts [0.6 mb]

Inglis Beware of the Thing[1.15 mb]

Jenner Piskies [20 mb]

Killen Edgar [Irish famine, 0.1 mb]

Lee Wisht Wood [0.5 mb]

Lewis Discarded Image [0.1 mb] very messy, if anyone has a proper version…

Lucas Highways [0.4 mb] short extract including fairy references

M’C Fairies [2.4 mb]

Pengelly South-west [6.1 mb]

Q The Pixies [0.1 mb]

Rideing ‘In Cornwall With an Umbrella’ [12.16 mb]

shepard evans-wentz [1.7 mb]

Traill Pearls and Pebbles [ 1.1 mb] short extract about Canadian banshee

waterhouse, greenwood of Shakespeare [3.5 mb]

Whittle Devonshire Festivities and Superstitions [1.2 mb]

Wilkinson Memories of Hurstwood [6.0 mb]

Williams The Doom [0.3 mb] short extract on Welsh fairies





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