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Pigborn is a webcomic that has been running for several years with intriguing story lines. She is the fairy, who is enchanted by and has adventures with a Succubus, a music teacher, a Hair Fairy, some Bozoids, and the list goes on! I think the artist had a website at one time, but doesn’t seem to now. He also does 9 Chickweed Lane which is about your every day type of people. he is currently doing a rendition of Romeo and Juliet with the Pibgorn caracters. This one updates Monday through Friday.

oswald's chronicle

Then there is The Oswald Chronicles. While not strictly about fairies, they are fairly strongly represented as friends of the main character, a mouse. While the art is not in the style of Pibgorn, the stories have been pretty interesting. It updates on Monday.


This cartoon has Puck as a female and follows her adventures. It updates on Tuesdays.
urban fey

Urban Fey began as a homeschooling project, but has moved far beyond that now. Updates on Thursday.
Whither is a very well done comic that doesn’t update nearly as often as it should. It’s about a old/youngish fairy girl who is trying to get back home and the friends who are helping her. It comes out once monthly.

bloomin faeries

Blooming Fairies can be rude, but oh, so funny! The artwork is very good, and they stick to the storyline. On Monday and Thursday for now and mostly regular updates.
legend of bill

Then there is The Legend of Bill. Bill, is an absolute idiot and never gets any better. The artwork is good though.
dreamland chronicle

Dreamland Chronicles  is a long running webcomic. It is done in gamer style so it’s not a hand drawn one, but the story is good, and there is quite a character cast. It is updated Monday through Friday.

Xylia is the graphic novel of a young British historian who discovers his connection with Azloe, the lost faerie realm, and Xylia, a beautiful faerie woman. This high fantasy story features good and bad faeries, a sentient dog that can grow to the size of a bear, and sorcerors.
feral gentry

Feral Gentry is an occasionally animated new weird comic about modern fairies. The main character Tuomi finds his safe but solitary life suddenly shaken when he meets another of his kind for the first time in years. Updates on Wednesdays.
land of the sky

Land of the Sky. While vacationing at the former port town Sin City, the young Fae princess Souri Ada Lodette discovers a mysterious heirloom in her possession. As she tries to understand what it is and where she has seen it before, she comes face to face with the notorious murderer known as Roo the Ripper, who just happens to be in search of the same object!

Thanks to Ruth B for writing these descriptions for the Fairyist!

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