And Now Farewell, The Fairy Dream Is Over! (Poem)

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And now, farewell! The fairy dream is o’er:

The tales my infancy had loved to hear,

Like blissful visions, fade and disappear.

Such tales Momonia’s peasant tells no more!

Vanish’d are mermaids from her sea-beat shore;

Check’d is the headless horseman’s strange career;

Fir darrig’s voice no longer mocks the ear

Nor rocks bear wonderous imprints as of yore!

Such is ‘the march of mind.’ But did the fays

Creatures of whim — the gossamers of will)

In Ireland work such sorrow and such ill

As stormier spirits of our modern days?

Oh land beloved! No angry voice I raise;

My constant prayer — ‘may peace be with thee still’!

Crofton-Croker, II,327

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