Fairy Party in a Fairy’s Words!

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fairy party

Editor’s Note: This passage comes from the writing of English Christian mystic Daphne Chambers (obit 1991) who lived in Essex (Colchester) and believed herself in contact with fairies and gnomes. Here she has asked about fairy get-togethers.

To begin with, we all meet at some pre-arranged place and give out power until there’s a concentration rather like a big ball in the middle. We make it beautiful as we can, eachin adding his own colour and vibration so that it is all shades of the rainbow and full of life and movement.

During the party we enter the ball, either alone, with several friends or with a member of the opposite sex. We absorb the power and come out feeling wonderful. We try not to go into it too often though, because if we inhale too much of it, we’re unable to control our movements. Those fairies who can’t fly may find themselves floating over the tops of the flowers or even shrubs, and we who can will perhaps regain consciousness in a cloud. I did this once and I can assure you that it wasn’t nearly as attractive to be in as it looks from the ground. I became very wet and the power began to ooze out of me. I found that I couldn’t think properly and I was very frightened when I realized how far about the Earth I’d wondered. I began to drop much faster than I liked but I managed to pull myself together and as soon as I reached a few feet about the tops of the trees, I seemed to regin control and all was well. I swore that I’d never do it again but I have… not very often… but you just don’t know how irresistible that ball of power is (Chambers Forty Years 64)

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