Fairy Sightings

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By fairy sightings we mean descriptions from individuals who have seen, heard or smelt (!) fairies (or believed they have); some of these deal, meanwhile, with actions by individuals who clearly believe in fairies and act on that basis.

leprechaun sketch

‘Leprechauns’ in Limerick, 1938

A Banshee in Canada!

banshee at window

A Digest of Lady Fanshawe’s Brush with the Banshee (Co. Clare)

fairy fiddle

A Fairy Fiddle (Ulster)

golden fairy

A Golden Fairy in the Garden

A Kidnap Attempt? (Lanarkshire)

fairy music

A Man Refusing the Solicitation of the Fairies (Wales)

A Methodist Boggart at Middleton (Lancashire)?

rose fairy

A Rose Fairy in Hampshire

co. antrim fairies

Adventures at Cushendall (Co. Antrim)


Air Music in Staffs

death coach

Almost Insensible with Terror (Co. Clare)

angel fairy

Angel or Fairy?

fairies annalong

Annalong Fairies (Co. Down)

witch fairies

Anne Bodenham and the Little Ragged Boys

irish baby fairies

Antrim Fairies Try to Steal Baby!


Baby at High Water Mark (Hebrides)

changeling steal child fairies

Baby Kidnapping in Stowmarket (Suffolk)


Back from a Visit and the Banshee (Co. Clare)

back from the dead

Back from the Dead (Co. Clare)

banshee at window

Banshee at the Window (Co. Roscommon)!


Barguest Encounter


Beautiful Nature Spirit (Preston, Lancashire)

Being Led Away by the Fairies in Wiltshire


Bilberry Hunting and Fairies (Co. Donegal)

Blackberrying and Fairies (Berkshire)

Blarney Fairies

blind fairy

Blind Fairies (Bristol)

frightening barn

Boggarts in the Barn (Blackstone Edge, Lancashire)?

Branksome Park Fairy (Dorset)

bear fire

Brownie Memories from Durham

fairy coffin

Buried Fairy Sham? (Co. Tipperary)

burning baby

Burning A Fairy Son (Co. Cork)


Burning a Paralytic Fairy Child (Co Tipperary)

calf riding fairies

Calf-Riding in Suffolk


Calling Someone A Fairy (Co. Cork)

Car Sighting of Fairy (Hertfordshire)

sharp stick

Careful of that Stick! (Co. Antrim)

farm night hikeys about

Careful of the Hikeys…

cat banshee

Cats or Banshees (Co. Roscommon)?

fairy well

Changeling Drowning (Co. Kerry)

Changeling in Co. Clare

Changeling Tragedy at Roscrea (Co. Tipperary)

Chasing a Leprechaun (Co Derry)

pigs and babies

Child Murder or Changeling Belief? (Co Antrim)

Child's coffin

Child or Changeling Death (Co. Armagh)

suprised by fairies

Child Sees Fairies in Her Home (Yorkshire)

sheep fold

Child Sees Fairies in Sheepfold (Monmouthshire)

Children and the Manx Lanonshaa

Co. Clare Changeling at Carnelly

fortune teller

Co. Dublin Fairy Woman

Colonel at Virginia (Cavan)


Convinced by the Banshee (Co. Offaly)


Cornish Knockers

fairy dance

Dance of the Fairies (Co. Sligo)

Dancing Cumbrian Fairies

cottingley beck and fairies

Dancing Fairies at Cottingley

irish piper

Daniel O’Leary and Mistaken Identity

death cach

Death Coach and Headless Fairies (Co. Cork)

Death Coach at Maryfort (Co. Clare)

fairy child james mahoney

Death of a Fairy Child

bridget cleary

Death of Bridget Cleary (Co. Tipperary)

mad fairy

Death of Fairy Patrick (Co. Cork)

co donegal fairies

Death of Fairy Patrick (Co. Donegal)


Death of James Cunningham (Co. Roscommon)

painting a room fairies

Defying the Fairies of Ballalona

fairies dervock

Dervock Fairy Sighting (Co. Antrim)

knotted string fairies

Don’t Touch Fairy Strings! (Co. Antrim)

dora van gelder

Dora Describes a New England Fairy

dirty water

Fairies and Dirty Water (Highlands)

Fairies and Flowers in Warwickshire

milk fairy

Fairies and Milk

music notes fairies

Fairies and Music in the Hebrides


Fairies and Shillings (Monmouthshire)

stone walls and fairies

Fairies and Stone Walls (Co. Sligo)

The Irish Famine, 1845-1849, (1900). Artist: Unknown

Fairies and the Potato Famine

funeral fairy

Fairies Anticipating Death? (Carmarthenshire)

brown butterfly

Fairies as Butterflies (Co. Antrim)


Fairies as Lights? (Co. Kerry)

Fairies as the Dead? (Dromitree, Co. Armagh)

Fairies at Southend?

badger fairies

Fairies Attack Badger Hunters (Co. Clare)

going downstairs

Fairies Downstairs (Monmouthshire)

belfast city centre

Fairies in Belfast!!

Fairies in Ecclesbourne Glen (East Sussex)


Fairies in Stowmarket (Suffolk)

Fairies in Worthing?

kea fairies

Fairies of Kea (Cornwall)

bog body

Fairies or Murder (Ulster)?

EPSON DSC picture

Fairies Seen from Hill (Co. Sligo)

herbs in hand fairies

Fairies Teach Herbalism (Co. Antrim)

spectral armies

Fairy Armies in Huntingdonshire?

fairy assault

Fairy Assault (Co. Donegal)

fairy attack

Fairy Assault (Co. Monaghan)

Fairy At Lupton House Devonshire

fairy moneymore

Fairy at Moneymore, Co. Derry, 1936

flies in sky

Fairy Battle in Co. Mayo

fairy boat

Fairy Boat Races (Lough Gur, Co. Limerick)

traditional butter making

Fairy Butter Making and Fairy Rings in Cleveland

cairn fairies

Fairy Cairn at Dunloy (Co. Antrim)


Fairy Child Poisoned in Co. Donegal

fairy death coach

Fairy Death Coach (Co. Roscommon)

death bed

Fairy Deathbed Conversion (Co. Tyrone)

Fairy Doctor

fairy dogs

Fairy Dog and Death

fairy dogs

Fairy Dog Encounter (Pembrokeshire)

hay rick fairies

Fairy Dream or Vision in Kent

Fairy Farm Workers (Wales)

lag-ny-keilley fairies

Fairy Fishermen Sighted Off Man

Fairy Flocks near Preston

fairies flies

Fairy Fly Battle

coal mining

Fairy Glamour and Coal (Monmouthshire)

fairy fire

Fairy Hand Warming (Co. Donegal)

fairy noose

Fairy Hanging (Co. Sligo)

laying on hands

Fairy Healing Gone Wrong (Co. Tipperary)

Fairy Hosting! (Co. Limerick)

fairy in court

Fairy in Court (Co. Limerick)

irish fairy bridge

Fairy in Search of Charlie (Co. Antrim)

silvery fairy

Fairy Invasion (Hampshire)

wavy lines

Fairy Leaping (Monmouthshire)

regents park

Fairy Man in Regents Park

fairy man

Fairy Man Kills a Boy? (Co. Kilkenny)

gathering shell fish fairies

Fairy Music in Co. Sligo

field fairy ghost

Fairy or Ghost in Field (Dromitree, Co. Armagh)

fairy party

Fairy Party in a Fairy’s Words!

cairns field fairies

Fairy Preserves (Co. Mayo)

boiling water

Fairy Struck Son and Mad Mother (Co. Offaly)

fairy hag

Fairy Swindler (Co. Tipperary)

fairy money

Fairy Swindler in County Fermanagh

fairy money

Fairy Swindler in Court (Co Sligo)

fairy swindler

Fairy Swindlers (Co. Longford)

fairies at door

Fairy Swindlers at the Door (Co. Tipperary)

Fairy Swindlers Kidnap Mary! (Co. Tipperary)

fairy money

Fairy Swindling in Co Galway

fairy money

Fairy Swindling in Cork

fairy thief

Fairy Thieves (Co. Tipperary)

irish cottage fairies

Fairy Urban Planning (Co. Antrim)

yellow shoes fairies

Fairy Visitor in Stowmarket with Yellow Shoes


Fairy Water Tricks (Co. Derry)


Fairy-Haunted House (Co Cork)

three women fight

Fairy-Struck, Magic Threads and a Fight (Co. Cavan)

mount merrion house

Fairyland Under a Cycamore (Co Dublin)

fairy man

Fake Soldier Fairy (Co. Westmeath)

flower fairy

Flower Fairies (Hampshire)


Frightening Voices in Monmouthshire

sennen cove

Furze Fires and Changelings in Western Cornwall

canada geese

Gabriels Hounds (Staffs)

Goblin Shapes on High Legs (Wales)

fairy goodbye

Goodbye to the Aberystruth Fairies (Monmouthshire)

fairy graverobbing

Graverobbers and Fairy Fears

lancaster turret gremlins

Gremlin in the Turret: A Lancaster Pilot Remembers


Hampshire Banshee in Ireland?

injured hand fairies

Hand Punished by the Fairies (Co. Clare)

shouting fairy

His People, the Fairies (Co. Cavan)

hop ground fairies

Hop Ground Fairies (Stowmarket, Suffolk)

fairy horses

Horse Racing the Fairies (Co. Down)

Hotel Fairies (Ayrshire)

House Fairy (Australia)

rock crevasse fairies

How Did John Get into the Crevasse? (Co. Antrim)

ben bulben fairies

In Danger on Ben Bulben


Invalid Fairy? (Hebrides)


Jenny at Flamborough?

marsh gas

Jinny Burntarse in Huntingdonshire

fairies knocking

John and the Prophetic Fairies (Co. Antrim)

corpse candle

Joshua Coslet Meets the Corpse Candle (Carmarthenshire)

kendal fairies

Kendal Fairies

banshee angry

Last of the Banshees, 1905?


Leprechaun in Clare?

fairy court

Leprechaun in Court

leprechaun sighting

Leprechaun Sighting!

a leprechaun's shoe

Leprechaun’s Shoe

mysterious light

Light on Monmouthshire Mountain

fairies in cake

Lippin Wood Fairy Cake (Hants)

Liverpool Leprechaun Scare!


Lizzie Crowe’s Banshee (Co. Cavan)

fairy dynamite

Losing an Eye to the Fairies (Co. Clare)

lough neagh

Lough Neagh Changeling

rainbow fairies

Lovely Female Fairies (Lancashire)

making butter come

Making the Butter Come (Co. Clare)


Manx Mountain Fairy?

greeba castle fairies

Manx Sighting at Greeba Castle

Marjorie Remembers (Nottinghamshire)

banshee cries

Mary Ann and the Banshee (Co. Sligo)!

horseback fairies

Meeting Them (Co. Antrim)

fairy army

Michael Reddy and the Fairy Army (Co. Sligo)

Mr Lancaster on Seeing Fairies

soccer fairies

Mrs McCrink and the Fairies (Dromintree, Ireland)

prison door

Murder or Changeling Belief? (Co. Tipperary)

new forest fairies

New Forest Fairies (Hants)

Nihill and the Fairy Fort (Co. Clare)

lough leanne

O’Donoghue Floods the Mine! (Co. Kerry)

walking on water

O’Donoghue Walks on Lough Leane (Co. Kerry)


Okeford Hill Fairy Encounter (Dorset)

dog pointing

Old Man, the Dog and the Fairies Under the Hill

harehope hill

Old Nannie Alnwick Recounts (Northumberland)

death coach

Phantom Coach at Corofin (Co. Clare)

Pixies on the Border (Cornwall/Devon)

pixy ridden horse

Pixy Ridden (Lostwithiel)

widecombe in the moor pixies

Pixy Sighting at Widecombe-in-the-Moor, late 1950s

pixy led

Pixy-Led on West Down (Cornwall)

plough fairies

Ploughman Visits Fairyland (Co Sligo)


Portrush Changeling

fairies bedroom

Portsmouth Bedroom Fairy (Hampshire)

fairies bedroom

Quinsy Fairies (Hampshire)

fairy crowd

Race at Yetholm

death coach

Ralph and the Death Coach (Co. Clare)

fire roasting

Roasted Changeling (Co. Kerry)

Roses and Fairies (Lancashire)

fox and seal

Seals, Foxes and Banshees (Co. Donegal)

white horse

Seeing Geroid (Co. Limerick)


Shanven, The Old Woman (Co. Antrim)

fairy swindler leading people

Skellys and a Fairy Swindler (Co Laois?)


Snaefell Mountain Fairies


Some Late Co. Clare Banshees

stolen baby

Stolen Child and the Search for Fairies (Co. Galway)

fairy changeling

Stolen in Co. Roscommon

stone wall fairies

Stone Walls Don’t Stop Fairies (Co. Sligo)

john o london's with fairies

Struth Sees Fairies (Scotland)


Terrifying Encounter Near Carnforth (Lancashire), 1851

african twilight

The Asiki: African Changelings?


The Banshee and the Bailys (Lough Gur, Co. Limerick)


The Bible and Brownie

breage church

The Changeling of Breage (Cornwall)

corpse candle

The Clergyman’s Son and the Corpse Candle (Carmarthenshire)

cow shed fairies

The Cursed Cow Shed (Co. Clare)

death coach

The Death of the Admiral and the Coach

fairy glove

The Fairy Glove (Co Down)

slieve gullion

The Fairy of Slieve Gullion (Co. Armagh)

fairies postmen

The Postman and the Fairies? (Man)

stone throwing

The Stone Thrower (Caernavonshire)

hell dog

Thomas Philips and the Hell Dogs (Carmarthenshire)

thomas wood fairy music

Thomas Wood Hears a Pixy?


Three Fires and a Changeling Death (Co Limerick)

Tom Charman and the New Forest Fairies

Tom Tyrrell Sees Fairies in Yorkshire

hypnotised walking

Trance Fairies in Co. Sligo

ireland america fairies

Travelling Clairvoyance through ‘Fairy’ Agency (Co. Fermanagh)

irish dancing

Tunes from the Fairies (Co. Antrim)

typewriter fairy

Typewriter Fairy (Hants)

Unearthly Noises at the Piskey House


Warnford Fairies (Hampshire)

west meon fairies

West Meon Fairies (Hampshire)

West Sussex Stone Fairy

West Sussex Wood Fairy

white fairies norfolk

White Fairies in Norfolk

white light

White Light at Llanddetty (Breconshire)

fairy wife

Wife Fairy Murder (Co Galway)

corpse candle wales

William John and the Corpse Candle

wood oven

Wood Oven Pixie (Hampshire)

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