Sea-View Green (Trevescan, Cornwall)

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trevescan at lands end

Evans-Wentz, when he recorded fairy data in Cornwall in the period 1907-1909 came across an interesting account of a fairy haunt at Trevescan, named Sea-View Green. We’ve been unable to trace Sea-View Green but presumably it is one of the great fields looking out towards the Atlantic. Here is Evans-Wentz’ passage.

Seeing the Pisky-Dance. Frank Ellis, seventy-eight years old, of the same village of Trevescan, then gave the following evidence: ‘Up on Sea-View Green there are two rings where the piskies used to dance and play music on a moonlight night. I’ve heard that they would come there from the moors. ‘Little people’ they are called. If you keep quiet when they are dancing you’ll see them, but if you make any noise they’ll disappear.’ Frank Ellis’s wife, who is a very aged woman, was in the house listening to the conversation, and added at this point: ‘My grandmother, Nancy Maddern, was down on Sea-View Green by moonlight and saw the piskies dancing, and passed near them. She said they were like little children, and had red cloaks.’

trevescan fairies


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