Piskey House, Bosahan (Cornwall)

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piskey house

Legends about the Piskey House (a prehistoric monument) are disappointingly slight.

The Constantine vault, commonly called Piskey-hall, is at Bos-au-an where I have mentioned an entrenchment. It is thirty feet long, and five feet wide. It consists of rough stone walls six feet four inches high, and is covered with rocks, of various dimensions. The whole lies under the surface of the earth; with an aperture at each end. In this vault, also, at one end, is a round pity cut out in the rocky floor; two feet and three inches in diameter, and nine inches deep. Polwhele The History of Cornwall III, 129

Evans-Wentz includes the only Piskey House ‘sighting’ known to us. William Murphy hears ‘unearthly noises’ there.

bosahan fairies

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