Breage Piskey Fair

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breage fields

This passage was taken by Evans-Wentz c. 1909 from one Harriett Christopher. It would be interesting to know where precisely the piskey fair was held or has it been forgotten? fairyinvestigationsociety AT yahoo DOT com

The piskies are said to be very small. You could never see them by day. I used to hear my grandmother, who has been dead fifty years, say that the piskies used to hold a fair in the fields near Breage, and that people saw them there dancing. I also remember her saying that it was customary to set out food for the piskies at night. My grandmother’s great belief was in piskies and in spirits; and she considered piskies spirits. She used to tell so many stories about spirits [of the dead] coming back and such things that I would be afraid to go to bed (Evans-Wentz, 1911, 171).

breage fairies

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