Wessex Fairies

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Wessex Fairies

Wessex was the name of one of the original Dark Age Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. ‘Wessex’ is still commonly used today to refer to Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Wight and Wiltshire. Here, with the possible exception of Dorset, fairy belief was all but dead by the 1850s as the railway and industrialisation arrived.

Fairy Grotto (Cheddar)

Wessex Fairy Tales

Church Moving on the Isle of Wight

Farmer Surprises Fairies In His Barn

Wessex Fairy Beliefs

Fairy Fears on the Downs (Hampshire)

Fairy Rings (Berkshire)

New Forest Pixies (Hampshire)

Puck on Wight

Seventeenth-Century Wessex Belief in Changelings

Wessex Fairy Sightings

Anne Bodenham and the Little Ragged Boys

Being Led Away by the Fairies in Wiltshire

Blackberrying and Fairies (Berkshire)

Fairy Invasion (Hampshire)

Flower Fairies in Hampshire

Hampshire Banshee in Ireland?

Lippin Wood Fairy Cake (Hants)

New Forest Fairies (Hants)

Okeford Hill Fairy Encounter (Dorset)

Portsmouth Bedroom Fairy (Hampshire)

Quinsy Fairies (Hampshire)

Typewriter Fairy (Hants)

Warnford Fairies (Hampshire)

West Meon Fairies (Hampshire)

Wood Oven Pixie (Hampshire)

Wessex Fairy Books

Boase, Wendy The Folklore of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (London: Batsford 1976)

Chadwick, John C. Folklore and Witchcraft in Dorset and Wiltshire (Nigel J. Clarke Publications 1984)

Doel, Fran and Goff D. Doel Folklore of Dorset (Stroud: The History Press 2007)

Legg, Penny Folklore of Hampshire (Stroud: History Press 2010)

Newland, Robert Dark Dorset Fairies (SB Publications 2006)

Nicholls, Jeff Our Mysterious Shire: Myths, Legends and Ghost Stories of Berkshire (Corinthian Publishers, 1985)

And try the fabulous Dark Dorset website…



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