South-Eastern Fairies

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The South-East (Kent, Surrey and East and West Sussex) has the single most disappointing collection lore from Britain and Ireland. Why is this? Is it simply that proximity to London and wealth from Continental trade destroyed rural life and rural superstitions more quickly. Or was there always a deficit of fairy-lore in this part of Britain? Did the medieval men and women of Kent concentrate on witches and midges?

South-Eastern Fairy Places

Burlough Castle (Alfriston)

Frensham Church (Surrey)

South-Eastern Fairy Beliefs

Dictionary Definition: Pharisees or Fairisies in Kent

Dictionary Definition: Fairy Sparks in Kent

Fairy Path in the South East

Fairy Rings in Sussex

Folkestone, Fairy Town?

Is a Heg a Fairy (Kent)?

Sussex Fairy Names

Sussex Pharisees

Ticehurst: A Fairy (Sussex)

South-Eastern Fairy Sightings

Fairies in Ecclesbourne Glen (East Sussex)

Fairies in Worthing

Fairy Dream or Vision in Kent

Tom Charman and the New Forest Fairies

West Sussex Stone Fairy

West Sussex Wood Fairy

South-Eastern Fairy Books [warning small fairy content!]

Doel, F and G. Doel, Folklore of Kent (Stroud: History Press 2002)

Lane, Michael Surrey Lore and Legend (SB Publications 2000)

Simpson, Jacqueline Folklore of Sussex (Stroud: History Press 2009)

And this excellent web page from Sussex Arch

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