Scottish Highland Fairies

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scottish highland fairies

The Highlands are unquestionably the wildest part of Britain and there are more cultural differences between Higland and Lowland Scotland than between Lowland Scotland and Northern England. The fairies bred here matched the landscape and the desolation: they were the most dangerous of all the fey and often not just moody but downright evil.

Scottish Highland Fairy Places


Morag’s Fairy Glen

Puck’s Glen (Sandbank)

Scottish Highland Fairy Tales

Arthur Hears The Fairies (Highlands)

Borrowing Pots (Hebrides)

Brownie Of Blednoch

Child and Stock (Highlands)

Deer Milk (Hebrides)

Don’t Leave Your Baby in the Field! (Hebrides)

Fairy Spinning and Dirty Water (Hebrides)

Fairy Threshers in the Highlands

Fairy Vampires (Hebrides)

Gift of Dog (Hebrides)

Highland Fairy Birth

John Chalmers and the Fairy Threshers


Morag’s Fairy Glen

Pabbay Kidnapping (Hebrides)

Protecting Willie’s Wife

Sowans and Fairies (Highlands)

The Bannock and the Changeling (Hebrides)

The Last Each Uisge on Lewis (Hebrides)

The Piper Taught By the Fairies (Hebrides)

Scottish Highland Fairy Sightings

Baby at High Water Mark (Hebrides)

Fairies and Dirty Water (Highlands)

Fairies and Music in the Hebrides

Invalid Fairy? (Hebrides)

Struth Sees Fairies

The Bible and Brownie

Scottish Highland Fairy Beliefs

Fairy Knots (Highlands)

Inverness-shire and Consumption

Moray, Consumption and Fairies

Protecting Babies (Hebrides)

Scottish Highland Fairy Books

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Henderson, Lizanne and Edward J. Cowan Scottish Fairy Belief (East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 2001)

MacDougall, James Highland Fairy Legends (D.S.Brewer 1978)

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