Manx Fairies

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isle of man fairies

The Isle of Man is a small island between Britain and Ireland. In the Middle Ages there was much debate about whether Man belonged to Britain or Ireland, something the Manx resolved by keeping a proud and separate identity. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries part of that Manx identity was belief in various supernatural beings on the margins of the island. This belief died away in the early twentieth century, but there is an unusually good survival of material for a mere three hundred and sixy two square miles in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Fairy Sighting on Man

Children and the Manx Lanonshaa

Defying the Fairies of Ballalona

Fairy Fishermen Sighted Off Man

Manx Mountain Fairy?

Manx Sighting at Greeba Castle

Snaefell Mountain Fairies

The Postman and the Fairies? (Man)

Manx Fairy Beliefs

Propiating the Faires on Man

Manx Fairy Places

Ballalona Bridge

Manx Fairy Books

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Rhŷs, John Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx (Oxford: Clarendon 1901), II vols.

Waldron, George A Description of the Isle of Man (London 1726)

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