Other Fairy Ornaments (Traditional and Otherwise)

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hag stone

Here are some miscellaneous fairy goods starting with the traditional. Above is a ‘hag stone’ – a naturally holed stone – specially worn in the middle ages to keep fairies away, particularly from children. Or what about an even older fairy treasure: elf arrowheads, as they were commonly believed to be, actually neolithic flint arrows.

elf arrowheads

Or slightly more recent a pixy brass knocker.

pixy knocker


No tradition can justify a job lot of fairy magic wands.

job lot of fairy wands

Or a fairy incense holder!

incense ash collector

But at least these signs, one modern and garish, the other sober and no nonsense recall that faries have teeth.

beware fairies sign

beware fairies traditional

Or what about painted fairy stones?

fairies live here stone

Finally, it deserves a page of its own. But who could forget the grown ups mermaid tale presently retailing for over five hundred dollars (including full bikini set)

mermaid tail


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