Paul Church Town (Song, Cornwall)

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paul church town

Sweet maiden, I pray thee,

One moment oh stay thee,

Canst tell me the way now to Paul Church Town?

I’m listless and dreary

Foot-sore and weary

And gladly to-night shall I lay me down:

From trade, streets, and building,

From shops, gas, and gilding,

I seek for seclusion in Paul Church Town.


Keep right up the hill, sir,

But walk with a will, sir,

Lest night should o’ertake you near Paul Church Town,

For such folks as you, sir.

May hap this to rue, sir.

Where pixies in plenty and small folks brown

May lead you astray, sir,

Deceive you till day, sir.

So beware of the pixies near Paul Church Town.


Sweet maid, I beseech thee.

Oh tell me, oh teach me

How best to shun pixies near Paul Church Town.

I’m fearful of danger

Unknown to a stranger,

I’ve doubts of lone places of such renown.

But if thou would’st guide me

I’d feel safe beside thee,

I’d love thee, I’d wed thee, at Paul Church Town.


You’re too fast by half, sir,

I’m not caught with chaff, sir.

Not thus is love made, sir, at Paul Church Town.

I’ve a husband already

Who’s loving and steady —

He’s coming I see, sir, the hill-side down.

So quicken your pace, sir.

You can’t miss the place, sir.

But beware of the pixies near Paul Church Town.

George B. Millet ‘Paul Church Town’.

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