Fairy Cross Plain (Cleveland)

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Fairy Cross Plains

Fairy Cross Plains has uncertain nineteenth-century fairy traditions. This is the most detailed description.

Within a quarter of a mile from the house we were sitting in — one of a group of three or four — was a place commonly known by the name ‘Fairy Cross Plains.’ I asked her, Could she tell me why the said place was so called? ‘Oh yes,’ she replied; ‘just a little in front of where the public-house at the Plains now stood, in the old days before the roads were made as they were now, two ways or roads used to cross, and that gave the ‘cross’ part of the name. And as to the rest of it, or the name ‘Fairy,’ everybody knew that years and years ago the fairies had ‘a desper’t haunt o’ thae hill-ends just ahint the Public’. (Atkinson 51)

A slightly more detailed account about the fairies is given by the same author claiming that the fairies dwell at ‘a stream in the vicinity of Egton Grange, besides Fairy Cross Plains’ (Atkinson, Glossary, 18).

fairy cross plain

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