North-Eastern Fairies

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north-eastern fairies

We include here the County of Durham and Northumberland (in pre-1974 terms). Here there is one of the richest fairy traditions in England and also one of the least researched.

Fairy Places

Billingham Fairy Hill

Castle Hill (Bishopton)

Fairy Cross Plain (Danby)

Fourstones Fairy Stone (Northumberland)

Hen Hole (Cheviot)

Hylton Castle (Sunderland)

North-Eastern Fairy Tales

Brinkburn Fairies and the Bells

Fostered Out (Northumbria)

Four Leaf Clover and the Pale

Laura Silver Bell

Mending the Kirn-Staff (Northumbria)

Midwife in Northumberland

Northumbrian Changeling and the Chimney

The Hedley Kow

Riding a Fairy Galloway

North-Eastern Fairy Sightings

Brownie Memories from Durham

Fairy Butter Making and Fairy Rings in Cleveland

Old Man and the Dog and the Fairies Under the Hill

Old Nannie Alnwick Recounts (Northumberland)

North Eastern Fairy Beliefs

Elf Furrows (Durham)

Fairies Near Alnwick (Northumbria)

Four- and Five-Leaved Clovers and Fairies (Northumbria)

The Exaggerated Death of Northumbrian Fairies?

Thoughts on Northumbrian Fairy Butter

Treasure at Bamborough

Doel, Fran and Goff D. Doel Folklore of Northumbria (Stroud: The History Press 2009)

Henderson, William Notes on the Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders (London: W.Satchell, Peyton and Co., 1879)

Matthews, Rupert Mysterious Northumberland (DB Publishing 2013)


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