Fairy Gardens

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a fairy garden

Fairy gardens are the hippest new thing in the world of fairy ornaments. You fence off a corner of your flower bed put up a fairy house and then start ordering in the accessories! The results are often stunning and the range of different products made around the world mind boggling (and often very expensive). Look, for example, at the level these fairy cloches and the fairy pots.

miniature cloches for fairy garden

miniature flower pots

Fairy gourds now. Look at the detail and swoon.

miniature gords fairy garden


And here are gnomes for a fairy garden, reduced to scale!

three minitature gnomes fairy garden


And some poisonous looking toadstools


miniature toadstool garden







And a fairy madonna for the many Catholic fairies out there.

miniature fairy garden madonna

Then if you have a fairy garden you need a fairy path and that means fairy sand.

miniature fairy pathway


beath and path sand for fairy garden

You can also get some fairy animals for your fairy garden: adapted to North American tastes. The very thought of a skunk and a fairy together….

miniature animals for fairy garden

Here are some beautifully-made cast iron seats and a table. miniature cast iron seat and table

You also have houses of various descriptions including this small outhouse!

miniature fairy outhouse

And for the completist, a fairy church that lights up with solar power.

miniature chapel with solar lights

And gravestones for the solar powered church.

minature graveyard fairy garden

A fairy folly!

miniature fairy folly

And enjoy this fountain with frog and the green man spring.

miniature frog with fairy  miniature greenman spring






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