Fairy Doors

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fairy door in ann arbor michigan

Perhaps nothing has a more lively following in the fairy world than the fairy custom of putting small doors in unobtrustive locations: ‘for the fairies’. A pariticularly lively tradition has grown up in Ann Arbor, Michigan (the picture above) but fairies doors are now a common retailing accessory and can go for anything between 10 and 100 dollars depending on workmanship and individual requirements. A 2013 article about a New Zealand couple who specialise in doors includes the following facts: ‘Their business… has more than 1600 likes on Facebook and doors have been sent around the world, to places including Switzerland, Ireland, Australia and Canada. Brown says the feedback they receive from customers makes all the hard work worth it. ‘People tell us amazing stories about the impact fairies have on their lives. We both really enjoy bringing joy to people’s lives, bringing love.’ So there!

fairy doors

At the top end of the market are ‘large’ hobbit doors.

large hobbit door


And some very elegant beautifully finished pieces

topr range fairy door

And some surprisingly big doors

very elaborate fairy door

There also some beautiful surreal ones.

surreal but delightful

You can get paths included

fairy with long path

Keep it to yourself, but some even open…

fairy doors open

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