Fairy Beliefs

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4.2.7There follow some accounts of fairy beliefs from different parts of Britain and Ireland.

A Northamptonshire Pucca?

An Irish Priest Speaks

Cleaning the House for Fairies in Northamptonshire

Crofton Croker on Fairy Protections

Crofton Croker on the Fir Darrig

Crofton Croker on the Teigue

Curing Elf Shot Cattle

Cutting A Fairy Thorn (Kerry)

Defecating Fairies in Cornwall

Dictionary Definition: Fairy Sparks in Kent

Dictionary Definition: Pharisees or Fairisies in Kent

Donn of the Sand Hills and the Poet (Co Clare)

Early Reference to Welsh Silver Mines Fairies

Elf Furrows (Durham)

Elf Shots in Ireland

Fairies and Female Oaks in Wales

Fairies and Making Beds (Suffolk)

Fairies and Methodists! (Cardiganshire)

Fairies and Raths and the Dead (Co. Roscommon)

Fairies in Olden Times (Co Sligo)

Fairies Near Alnwick

Fairies on Dry Land in Wales

Fairy Belief in 1910s Kerry

Fairy Butter in Suffolk

Fairy Circles in Staffordshire

Fairy Dogs and Corpse Candles (Wales)

Fairy Fears on the Downs

Fairy Knots (Highlands)

Fairy Loaves in Suffolk

Fairy Path in the South East

Fairy Rings (Berkshire)

Fairy Rings in Suffolk

Fairy Rings in Sussex

Fairy Seer’s Advice (Lough Gur, Co. Limerick)

Fairy Stones from Ellwyn (Borders)

Feeding the Fairies in Co. Clare

Field for the Fairies (Co. Clare)

Folkestone, Fairy Town?

Food-Offerings to Place-Fairies (Co. Armagh)

Four- and Five-Leaved Clovers and Fairies (Northumbria)

Frairies, Pharisees and Pharisees’ Loaves

Inverness-shire and Consumption

Is a Heg a Fairy (Kent)?

Kerry Fairy Hills

Lady Gregory Speaks

Leprechaun Treasure (Co. Limerick)

Linum Catharticum and the Fairies

Mermaid in a Suffolk Well?

Milk and Fairies in Northamptonshire

Milking Cows and Fairies in Ireland

Moray, Consumption and Fairies

Northamptonshire Fairy Rings

Perries, Fairies and the Northern Lights in Suffolk

Peter the Fairy Killer (Co. Clare)

Pharisees Riding Horses (Suffolk)

Pixies and the New Forest (Hampshire)

Praying to Fairies (Lough Gur, Co. Limerick)

Propiating the Faires on Man

Protecting Babies (Hebrides)

Puck on Wight

Redman and Redcap in Northamptonshire

Sacrilege at a Kerry Fairy Hill

Salt and Fairies in Ulster

Seventeenth-Century Wessex Belief in Changelings

Some Berwickshire Fairy Memories

Sowans and Fairies (Highlands)

Suffolk Freshwater Mermaids

Sussex Fairy Names

Sussex Pharisees

The Bannock Trap! (Ireland)

The Exaggerated Death of Northumbrian Fairies?

The Fairies Are the Dead (Co. Armagh)

The Fer Fi of Lough Gur! (Co. Limerick)

The Gentle Folk (County Donegal)

The House Bogie in Northamptonshire

The Muntiagh? (Co. Antrim)

Thoughts on Northumbrian Fairy Butter

Ticehurst: A Fairy (Sussex)

Treasure at Bamborough

Wales and Knockers

Where Fairies Live in Wales

Woodbridge Pharisee Belief

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